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Written, Spoken, and Visual Communication


Sheila Carter-Tod Sheila Carter-Tod

Welcome to the Composition Program at Virginia Tech. As part of the university’s Curriculum for Liberal Education, first-year writing courses are taken by all Virginia Tech students. Today’s academic and professional environments require students and graduates to be comfortable engaging and producing a variety of texts. Moreover, modern means of communicating are many and diverse. The first-year writing curriculum prepares students for such dynamic environments through exposure to a range of written, spoken, and visual forms of communication, both as audience and as author. These courses lay the foundation for students to be critical thinkers, active learners, and effective communicators.

To find out more about the program’s courses, people, and events, please follow the links in the left-hand menu. If you have further questions, feel free to contact one of the program faculty listed below.

Sheila Carter-Tod
Associate Professor of Rhetoric & Writing
Director of Composition

Julie Mengert
Senior Instructor
Director of GTA Education

Jennifer Mooney
Senior Instructor
Assistant Department Chair

Jared Gibbs
Instructor of English
Assistant Director of Composition

Jessica Hill
GTA Assistant to the Director of Composition